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Super Knights (Android)
by Paul Byron on Tuesday 29th Jan 2013

Playing chicken

Sometimes it takes a while for iOS titles to appear on Google Play but, then again, it can be worth the wait when something as fun as Super Knights appears for free on the store.

Just as with Knights of the Round on iOS it still makes very little sense. If you try to make any sense of the story you’ll still end up scratching your head over just why knights have to rotate around on a cable, but it simply doesn’t matter. The game is simple enough to provide little explanation; just twirl around, let go to fly off and keep the buttons pressed down to turn clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Knights of the Round Cable

The aim is to collect the gems dotted around the poles by circling until you have them all.  Leave a few gems untouched and they begin to flash.  If you don't reach these in time they'll just disappear.  It's worth trying to collect all the gems around a pole, though, as you score far more points and this is a game all about how many points you can amass before your time runs out.

Of course, things aren’t that simple and there are plenty of dragons, ghosts and angry looking birds (no, not those ones) who aim to get in your way. Hitting one of these will instantly lose you a life and once all three lives are gone its game over. Luckily, you can also gain more lives and power-ups by collecting as many sets of gems as you can to unleash the Fiesta mode.

Fiesta mode is one of the ways that you can boost your score and Knights of the Round Cable is all about score boards. Rescuing damsels dangling from cages at the side of the screen will also give your score a bump up, as will killing the big yellow thieving birds at the end of each level.

Super Knights

Super Knights is an endless game in the same sense as Jetpack Joyride and provides a similar progress system, where objectives need to be met to level up. Once a new level is reached the game throws a ton of coins your way which can be used in the game’s shop. Unsurprisingly, there’s an In App Purchase option to unlock power-ups and new knights as well, but if you continue to beat the objectives you shouldn’t need to touch the ‘buy’ button at all.  The Android version even gives you a smattering of extra gems for signing up with your Facebook account.

For the iPhone release, Dancing Dots included Game Center support. With Android boasting about scores needs to be done via Facebook, but the integration is painless and manhy people will alreafy be used to using Facebook to show off their latest triumph. The high score system and progress system should keep score fans happy for ages competing against each other for the top score.

Knights of the Round Cable

Presentation gains the game extra points, from the comic expressions on the knight’s face as they fall to the ground after dying to the sound effects from the princess shouting ‘help me!’ and the odd looking birds and creatures who fly around the level.  

While Super Knights won't win any prizes for in-depth gameplay, the easy to pick up and play action leads to a lot of fun and the well thought out missions put it up there with some of the best endless games out there. If you’re a score attack fan then it’s well worth checking out.


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  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 7



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