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Strategy & Tactics: World War II
by Paul Byron on Wednesday 24th Apr 2013

War Games

Do you ever watch generals in a war documentary and think 'I could have done that better'?  Or perhaps you are a secret Risk addict?  Either way, Herocraft's new game may be right up your street.

While other strategy titles on iOS have tended to go down the route of flashy animations, explosions and have eased up on the gameplay elements, Strategy and Tactics: World War II is proud to stick to its roots and presents you with a board of countries with borders that make up the map.

Starting off with basic troops, the idea is to push the enemy back, taking over land as you do so and growing your ranks to outflank the enemy.  Taking over an occupied space will set off a battle between your troops and the enemy and the resulting win will be based on whoever has the strongest troops, be that in number or general strength.  

Things soon heat up with tanks, guns and other support becoming available throughout the campaign.  Some of these need to be researched, leading to a tougher army and more likelyhood of a win, but the enemy puts up a good fight and the AI seems more than capable of defencing itself.   Moving troops and working out who will win is all pretty straight forward, thanks to the uncluttered interface on offer.

Of course, playing against a computer opponent is one thing, a human is quite another and Herocraft have included a fairly robust WIFI based multiplayer element to allow you to do just that.  This is where the game's real strength lays and will ensure that it has staying power after completing the three campaigns on offer.  

The presentation is never going to win any awards for being exciting, but it does serve to make the whole game easier to play, as I touched on earlier.  Troop numbers are clearly shown and the maps are designed for ease of play, with large areas to move around in. The different vehicles and armies are well drawn and look historically accurate, as do the real world maps.

Strategy & Tactics: World War II seems like a bit of a throwback to more traditional tabletop wargames, but it does the job of creating an interesting and historically accurate skirmish well and should appeal to anyone with an interest in this point in history, as well as those with a passion for pure strategy titles.

(reviewed on a Nexus 7 Android Tablet)


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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 7
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 8



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