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Edna and Harvey
by Paul Byron on Monday 3rd Sep 2012

Meet the crazy gang.

Point and Click Adventure games have made somewhat of a comeback on iOS thanks to companies such as Telltale, but on the PC they never really went away. 

Edna and Harvey is a port of another Adventure game in the style of Sam and Max and Day of the Tentacle, with quirky humour and hand drawn animations which capture the mood of the piece perfectly, but can the game itself stack up to the best of the rest on the iPad?


Edna and Harvey

First signs are good, the interface is slick and easy to use, as proved in the very short and optional tutorial.  Escaping from the padded cell, the first task, proves to be an exercise in logic, followed by a little lateral thinking and a trip back in time, pretty much the staple for a good Point and Click so far.

Helping Edna and her bunny escape beyond the cell is more difficult and involves more than a few twists of logic, though Harvey is there to help at times by showing him objects.  Those new to the more obscure puzzlers out there may give up before the next chapter, but it’s well worth the perseverance and will probably gel more with older gamers who’ve been brought up with the Lucasarts adventures of old.


Edna and Harvey

The theme is bolstered by the graphics which, while not the best in terms of quality, add to the off-the-wall style of a game about a psychiatric patient who holds conversations with her fluffy bunny with their off kilter design and strange angles.  Sound, too, is well designed and the voice acting is pretty high class throughout.

The story weaves its mad way around how Edna first ended up in the asylum and what happened to her father, with some surprising results. The cast of characters add more colour to the story and each encounter is a joy.  Only the odd obscure puzzles which will may stump you for hours at a time and put a halt on further exploration stand in the way of making this a classic. 

Edna and Harvey

Balance in Adventure games is a difficult thing to get right and Edna and Harvey manages this for part of the game but falls flat just as it gets going.  But it’s worth persevering and solving these tricky puzzles to find out just where the game will take you next, which is where Edna and Harvey scores points.

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  • Sound: 9
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 8



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