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Dead Stop
by Paul Byron on Tuesday 2nd Oct 2012

Deadly Defence.

It's a brave company that takes two of the most saturated genres on the App Store and creates a game from them, especially as Zombies and Tower Defence has been done so well in the past with Plants Vs Zombies.

It's obvious that Chillingo's latest effort takes some of its inspiration from Popcap's game, too, with some colourful characters, strange mumbling voices and quality artwork and cut scenes. None of this is a bad thing, though, when the end result turns out as well as Dead Stop has.

Dead Stop

Dead Stop is traditional Tower Defence. It's waiting for the enemy to come around the winding path, placing towers and traps and then ensuring they never reach the other side by blowing them to bits. Here the towers are devices created by a mad scientist which rain fire on the approaching zombies and traps that can be laid on the paths to stop smaller zombies and slow down larger ones long enough to fill them full of lead and prevent them reaching the fresh meat at the end of the path, usually holed up in a shed or caravan somewhere.

The key to a good Tower Defence is to make the characters, setting and gameplay interesting enough and, at times, to mix it up a bit. Luckily, developer Techland (they of the Dead Island fame) have managed to get this down to a tee with their game.

Dead Stop

Tower Defence stalwarts will, of course, know the drill for the most part and will be at home instantly in the first set of maps, but then they go and throw in a maze with only small traps as ammunition. Even during the standard maps the addition of both traps and a special power gained either from boxes left by defeated zombies or bought using the in-game currency (stars) helps to keep the gameplay fresh.

Presentation is pretty slick, it has to be said. Techland have gone all out to make this look and sound great and it really helps the game to stand out among the many other TD games out there. It has a storyline of sorts, too, which adds further to the overall feel of the game.

Dead Stop

Dead Stop doesn't do anything really new, but it's a well designed and fun little Tower Defence game with a great vibe and it feels as if a lot of love has gone into its design, which makes it easy to recommend.


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  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 8



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