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Crazy Taxi
by Paul Byron on Monday 15th Oct 2012

Take a ride!

Crazy Taxi is one of those Sega titles that has been doing the rounds on every console since the Dreamcast.  The newer version just couldn't hold a candle to the arcade and Dreamcast original, though, so how will the new iOS version cope?

The good news is that it's pretty much all here, from the main arcade game to the Crazy Box mini games that added so much more game time to the original.  The good news is that this version of Crazy Taxi plays so well.


Crazy Taxi

But let's start at the beginning, shall we?  For those not in the know, Sega's game is all about ferrying people around a town with a very tight time limit.  You find someone with a cash sign above their head, stop to let them get in and then they tell you where to go.  A huge green arrow then shows you (roughly) where to head and the aim is to get them there before the timer runs out.

Of course, things aren't quite that easy.  The town is full of traffic, which needs to be avoided, or smashed out of the way if you're not pushed for time.  It's also full of jumps, twists and turns, including my favourite open drawbridge that needs to be taken at speed.

Fail just once in the arcade mode and it's game over.  For those with less skill there are also options to work for a set time, racking up the cash for 3, 5 or 10 minutes at a time.  Fail to get a good score and the game's crazy host isn't afraid to hold back when giving you a final verdict.  It's a bit like being judged by a mad American Simon Cowell.


Crazy Taxi

The Crazy Box mode offers specific goals to perform in small bite sized levels, from delivering passengers to performing enough combos to pass the test.  It's a great addition that presents some rock hard objectives in later levels.

Although this is a pretty old game by current standards, the graphics on iOS aren't bad at all and move along at a surprising rate, remaining fairly smooth at the same time.  The age of the game does tend to show in the clipping and draw distance, though, but this can be forgiven considering how fast it's moving.  There are some pretty humorous animations from the passengers, shouting at you or gesticulating at other cars and pedestrians that dive out of the way as you scream past. It all looks even better on the large iPad screen, too.

Crazy Taxi

Music is, thankfully, restored from the original, with tracks also taken from later releases. What this means is that you get the glorious Offspring soundtrack that made Crazy Taxi stand out in the arcades and has since become so synonymous with the game, despite being removed for the PSN and XBLA games.

With Leaderboards and Acheivements thanks to Game Center, the original modes and music and just the infectious fast-paced gameplay it contains, Crazy Taxi is a fantastic port of a classic game on iOS.


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  • Sound: 10
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Longevity: 8



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