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Tango Chase
by Paul Byron on Monday 28th May 2012

Hanging around.

Monkeys are one of life’s safe bets when it comes to cute animated creatures and the new platform game from Herotopia,Tango Chase, is no different.  Actually, Tango isn’t a monkey, he’s an Orangutan from Herotopia’s virtual online world for kids , but the same simian rules apply. 

Tango Chase is a jump style game, but instead of making your way up the screen, Tango ends up jumping (or falling) down.  Rather than being one of the many endless style games, this game has set levels, each with their own perils and rewards.


Tango Chase

As you make your way down to the target at the bottom you will come across branches that break, trampolines that bounce you across the screen, spikes and moving platforms which all need to be navigated.  Falling too far (beyond the bottom of the screen) will end the level, so careful planning is needed.  However, you’re also against the clock as the level itself continues to scroll up, forcing you to fall if you reach the top.

Collecting coins, gems and bananas allow you to unlock power-ups to help complete each level.  They can also allow you to skip a level you might be stuck on.  Other items to aid you are introduced as you unlock new levels and range from umbrellas to float down, caps with spinning blades to fly and speed boosts help you navigate long branches to grab more goodies before you need to move on.

The store also contains other items like magnets and more level skipping tokens.  It also lets you remove the (fairly small) adverts at the bottom of the screen for 2500 coins (or 69p in real coinage). It seems a fair price to pay for an entertaining title like this.


Tango Chase

The difficulty occasionally spikes, but a few plays through on the same level and most players will be able to land at on target while collecting a fair amount of coins.  There’s also a good selection of levels with 5 areas ranging from the rainforest to a factory.  Every stage has the obligatory 3 star system, or 3 bananas in this case, which provide a replay challenge in order to get the full compliment of bananas and Game Center integration provides high score charts to compete against friends.

While Tango Chase isn’t the most graphically impressive title out there, it keeps things colourful and fun and will certainly appeal to its target audience, the younger age ranges.  As a free game (or 69p with no ads) Herotopia’s game certainly does the monkey business and provides a fun title with a cute hero.



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  • Sound: 6
  • Graphics: 7
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 7



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