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Breakout Boost
by Charlie Holmes on Saturday 3rd Mar 2012

This is not Atari's finest hour.

In 1976 Atari gave the world, Breakout. Breakout was an instant classic that had the player moving a bar along the bottom of the screen in order to deflect a ball to take out all the bricks along the top of the screen. The game has been remade more times than is really necessary, but is Atari’s most recent version of the game any good?

I think it’s important to point out that breakout boost is not just a knock off; it is developed and produced by Atari which is why the game feels and plays so much like the original. The graphics have been upgraded but that doesn’t make them exciting or compelling. In fact Breakout boost feels quite bland. Breakout Boost doesn’t have a sound track either, the only sound effects it has comes from hitting the ball into the blocks. A welcome addition though is the ability to play your own music from your iPhone, this feature makes the game a little more entertaining.

Breakout Boost

Atari have opted to go for a freemium model for their most recent reincarnation of breakout. Download the game for free and you will only get 5 levels which won’t take you very long to complete. There are 3 extra booster packs you can purchase that will give you over 200 more levels. Each booster pack will only set you back 69p and includes new bricks such as acid, fire and grenade.

Breakout Boost

After playing innovative games like Infinity blade and Tiny Wings, Breakout Boost feels bland and boring. The game play is very basic, which is obvious since it is a remake of a game from the 1970’s. What depth it does have comes from the speed control and different blocks. On the left of the screen is a speed control slider, make the game faster or slower and you will be given a score multiplier depending on how fast you are playing. While playing you will also encounter different block types and power ups, this can cause you to think up strategies, for example you may need the acid ball to break through certain blocks. The problem is that it just feels too old and doesn’t make the jump into modern gaming very well. I am pleased to report however, that while playing I found no technical gameplay issues.  

Breakout Boost

Atari have included Gamecentre integration which means that you can compare your score against your friends and the rest of the world, the integration also includes achievements. Breakout was a great game, I remember playing it when I was a little boy and loving it. It’s just a shame that as the videogame industry have evolved, breakout hasn’t. Compared to some of the games that have come out in recent years it just feels ancient. 



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  • Sound: 6
  • Graphics: 7
  • Gameplay: 6
  • Longevity: 7



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