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Stunt Guy - The Getaway
by Chris Hull on Friday 13th Jul 2012

Meet Guy Stunt. He's fearless, rugged and brave. And he's a guy.

Bruce Lee, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Burt Reynolds and Jet Li. Now if you were choosing an action-movie team, no doubt most of these guys would be in it. They’ve each showcased incredible skills in their movies from car chases, to walking from explosions without looking.

As a matter of fact, they haven’t. They were probably a safe distance away drinking an orange mocha frappuccino à la Zoolander while the stunts were being filmed, although Derek Zoolander was at least involved in a petrol station explosion. What am I saying here? Yes, Derek Zoolander is more of an action hero than Arnie.

So who takes the place of these starlets in the movies? Well you may know them as a stunt or body double. They’re physically fit people with no fear who take the place of the actor in the dangerous scenes. They earn their money from doing psychotic stunts that would turn most of us green, whilst the actor claims all the credit. Well stunt people; fear no more, the guys at Kempt have created an app to salute your work.

Stunt Guy - The Getaway

Stunt Guy - The Getaway is the first of what I believe will be a series of games revolving around the protagonist ‘Guy Stunt’ (the other in development at the moment being Bar Fight). The Getaway revolves around a filming session for a driving scene with you, Guy Stunt, weaving in and out of traffic whilst causing some destruction along the way. The aim of the game is to progress through traffic and collect money for as a long as possible before your car explodes and throws you through the windscreen. Each level (or ‘Take’ as they’re referred to in-game) increases in difficulty as the player progresses. More traffic is on the road, your car speeds up and my favourite feature is the camera zoom out which makes it more and more difficult for you to control as there is essentially more sensitivity (think of it as trying to thread a needle close up and then from far away). Ok, bad analogy.

Let’s get down to the fundamentals of the game. Graphically, Stunt Guy is created in a cartoon comic style using sharp highlight and shadow areas to add some depth to the characters. It’s a simple and familiar effect, but a successful one nonetheless. Simple graphics should really equal superior game play, and they do. The physics and collisions within the game are a triumph, with AI entities reacting correctly to the player’s vehicle in terms of collision direction and speed. Bigger AI vehicles cause more damage to other AI vehicles as well as the player and they’re slower, which really adds weight to the game, quite literally.

Stunt Guy

The music could perhaps become one of those famous music tracks that at first is pleasing but eventually becomes rather annoying (thinking Tetris personally), but thankfully the music that plays while your playing is much more favourable. It’s a suitable folk banjo track that speeds up as the player progresses, another feature I really like. If a track speeds up in a game, then it makes the player want to play faster and makes the game feel quicker. It makes the game more engaging and although it is an easy feature to implement, it is also a feature that’s easy to forget to include.

What’s in it for the long haul then? I can’t see the game being one that you will spend hours on. It’s a pick-up and play game that you will enjoy from time to time. The only real incentive within the game is collecting the different injury types. At the end of each level when your car health is depleted and you get thrown through the windscreen, you are presented with a list of injuries your stunt guy has picked up. More injuries are given to you if you last longer in the game. Collecting the entire list of injuries is really the only enticing aspect of the game. As it is, you’ll play this from time to time and enjoy it.

Stunt Guy

To conclude, Stunt Guy – The Getaway is another great production from Kempt. It is merely a taste of what we could see in the future; a whole series of Stunt Guy games. It may not look like much standing on its own at this moment in time, but I feel if the series is continued and the games are produced to a similar standard as this one, Stunt Guy may just make it on the AppStore. There are plenty of avenues to be explored, and I look forward to seeing Guy Stunt take on another role in the future because, if The Getaway is anything to judge by, it’s a series to keep an eye on.



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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Longevity: 7



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