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Where's my Water?
by Charlie Holmes on Tuesday 17th Jan 2012

Water great game

Where’s My Water? is a puzzle game from Disney Mobile. Swampy is the hero of the game (some of you may recognise him from Disney’s blizzard beach water park in Florida) and is a bit of an outcast from the rest of his family of alligators, unlike his kin, he wants to stay clean and not rummage around in the sewers. 

Each level has Swampy wanting to take a shower. With the water pipes broken, your job is to dig a tunnel through the dirt (by dragging your finger around the IOS system) to excavate a tunnel for the water to follow to reach Swampy’s shower.

Where's my water?

There are other hazards in the environments, such as other liquids, gates, bombs and many others, all of this makes for some puzzles that can be quite difficult. Some puzzles require speed before liquids mix, and some require patience to carefully manoeuvre liquids into positions to get the water to its goal. 

At the time of writing, the game has 7 chapters and each chapter has 20 levels, meaning Where’s My Water? has 120 levels with more coming soon for free. Like other puzzle games on the App store, there are 3 stars to collect in each level, though in Where’s my water? stars come in the form of rubber ducks, giving the game extra charm.Each level also has a score system which adds replay value to each level and allows you to compete with friends.

Where's my water?

Factors that alter your score include the number of rubber ducks collected in each level, a time bonus for the speed you complete the level in and an overflow bonus for being able to overflow Swampy’s bath tub. In addition, across the 120 levels currently on offer, there are 42 collectables to excavate from the dirt that unlock bonus level, meaning even more ducks to collect. If that wasn’t enough, then there are also 31 achievements to unlock that are viewable in game and are integrated with the game centre on the Iphone and Ipad. The most impressive feature of this game is the physics of the liquids; it is amazing to see how the liquids move and interact with the environment so realistically and has to be the most impressive liquid physics I’ve yet to see in an IOS game.

The graphics are bright and colourful, and presented in a cartoon style. There are cut scenes between chapters which are static pictures, the camera pans along the picture to explain the location where the chapter takes place. There is no voice acting; instead sound effects help to convey the emotions of Swampy and his family. The music and sound effects can be turned off in the settings menu, to allow you to listen to your own music from your Ipod while playing. 

Where's my water?

This game is perfect to play in either small parts on a journey or for extended amounts of time at home. The large amount of levels, achievements to collect and bonus items to find, means that you’re sure to be playing this for a while, and with more levels promised soon this game is like an investment as it just keeps giving more content. With numerous awards and over 2000 people rating this game as 5 stars, it demonstrates what a great game this is, if you haven’t yet got it, I can’t urge you enough to download it.



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  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Longevity: 10



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