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Dark Incursion
by Charlie Holmes on Saturday 4th Feb 2012

Nothing is too big for Anya to take down.

Dark Incursion is set in a late 1800’s alternate reality. The protagonist is a woman called Anya, whose mission it is to stop a secret military corporation from developing and unleashing its biological weaponry across the globe.

The gameplay is a mix between side scroller and a hack and slash style game, but it feels far from a rehash or repeat of a tired genre.

Controls are well thought out; press the attack button and Anya will use her gun when her enemies are at distance and her sword when enemies are up close. There is also a seperate jump button which is a wam welcome, as attempting to use an up diection button to jump would be have made gameplay very akward. To move Anya left or right, use the virtual buttons. Pressing the down button will make Anya crouch, which is very useful for ducking incoming gunfire. The buttons are very responsive making gameplay fun and rather than frustrating. While playing I suffered no crashes or any frame rate slow down which is a big success for a game that has a surprisingly sizeable area to explore.

Dark Incursion

The main gameplay feature that differentiates Dark Incursion from other games is the use of fuses. Fuses enhance your gameplay by adding new skills. There is a fuse that can enhance just about any part of your gaming experience; some might allow you to do extra combos and damage with your sword while another might enable you to move and attack faster.

What is so brilliant about this feature is that you can equip up to 4 fuses at any one time, meaning that if you want to be a very fast character who kicks ass with a sword and can search items in the world very fast, then this is possible. On the other hand you might want to make Anya someone who has a very powerful gun, can take loads of damage and can instantly come back to live after she has died. There are many options you can choose from to change up your gameplay style and it can be changed at anytime, anywhere in the game which gives great freedom of choice to experiment with different play styles.

There is a slight hitch to the fuses though. They don’t last forever. All the fuses (apart from the ones that can be purchased via micro-transactions in the game) have a usage bar, the more that the fuse is used, the more the usage bar will go down until finally it breaks and you will have to replace that fuse. More fuses can be picked up by killing enemies and searching items in the game world. One fuse slot is reserved for element fuses. Element fuses not only give extra damage to your sword and gun, but also each has their own ability. The ice fuse allows you to reach higher levels while the electric fuse will enable you to power up electrical devices. 

Dark Incursion

The enemies in Dark Incursion come in a verity of form. You will start by fighting ordinary soldiers, but you will soon be fighting rocket turrets, flying drones and super soldiers. Each has a slightly different strategy to fighting them and the enemies can be pretty difficult at some stages, adding another level of strategy to the game.

Dark Incursion's graphics reminds me of a retro 2D game from the 90's but, despite this, it still manages to feel as if it's made for HD. The animations are great too. An issue I had is that is can be a bit confusing moving through the game world, as there is usually a lot of backtracking to be done, and a lot of the rooms look very similar which doesn’t make things any easier. Apparently the game can be played in 3D if you have some old school red and blue glasses, but as I didn’t have any I was unable to test it in 3D.

Dark Incursion

Dark Incursion is a great game but it is a little short, though what's there is fun to play. The controls work well which is a massive testament to a game of this sort, a lot of the run and gun style games fall flat on their faces because the controls are too complicated or just don't work. The RPG-like fuse system works well, making replays more attractive at the thought of trying different play styles. Overall this is a title I would recommend picking up.



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  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 7



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