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Solar Warfare
by Paul Byron on Monday 3rd Dec 2012

Sunny Side Up.

We haven't had all that many flying shooters on Google Play or the App Store, so a new face is always welcome, but does Solar Warfare have what it takes?

The space shooter starts off well, with polished looking graphics and a great water effect that shimmers as you glide over the top.  There are no glitches and the only concern is the lack of a challenge and the fairly generic music playing in the background.

Fear not, though, because this soon appears due to the sheer number of enemies trading laser-based bullets with you as the second level starts to test your flying and shooting skills.


Solar Warfare

From this level onwards, the enemies impress with giant futuristic carrier style boats floating around to scorpions and machines that look like the offshoot of an AT-ST from Star Wars once you reach the more claustrophobic interior levels.

Moving your craft is achieved through the gyroscopic controls which work surprisingly well.  So many games live or die by these sort of controls and I'm pleased to say that Solar Warfare's feel just right.  Banking could be a little better, but it would also take some much needed difficulty away from the game at the same time.

Solar Warfare

Your main weapon throughout the game is a standard laser, with homing missiles available once you pick them up after destroying certain enemies. You can also buy new weapons such as photon torpedoes, as well as better shields, with coins spread out across the game maps and picked up by flying through them.  There is also the choice of using In-app payments for those with a less patient nature, but it's really not required.

The level design over the eight worlds starts off seemingly random but soon develops in to a sort of Star Wars spin-off.  The Hoth style ice world looks fantastic but the most obvious riff on the George Lucas franchise is the Death Star style run down tight corridors with turrets blazing as you try to manoeuvre around. It's certainly the best part of the game.

Solar Warfare

There are several difficulty levels available which should please those who find these sort of shooters heavy going, but most gamers won't be taxed by the standard game and the early levels really do ease you in to the whole control and shooting setup.  

While it's not really original or outstanding, Solar Warfare is a pretty decent space shooter that tends to stick more to the land than the sky, but does a pretty good job with it.


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  • Sound: 6
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 7



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