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by David Neilson on Thursday 16th Aug 2012

Up, up and awaaaaaay

Flight! From Armor Games provides all the fun of flying paper planes without the risk of paper cuts and without the look of disappointment on your daughter’s face as the carefully crafted plane nose dives instantly. The latter downside may only apply to my handy work.

There isn’t a great deal of effort required in launching a real paper plane and the same can be said of launching a paper plane in this game. A simple flick of your finger across the screen and your plane is airborne. Naturally the speed and the angle at which you flick play a pivotal role in determining the distance of the flight but there is no disputing the ease at which you can get your plane in the air.


Flight! surprisingly comes with a story. It’s minimal and certainly not something that is going to be made into a Hollywood blockbuster but it adds a bit of meaning to the proceedings. In essence, the plane represents the wishes and dreams of a variety of characters. The first character we meet is a young boy who scribbles his wish (even the cold hearted might be slightly moved by his wish) on a paper plane and launches it from his bedroom window. The plane eventually reaches the 2nd character who reads the wish, takes inspiration from the boy’s actions and add his own wish before setting the plane off on the next leg of its journey. 

Each level in the game represents the journey of the plane as it crosses from one country to another, it clearly travels far better than any paper plane I’ve ever constructed! In order to complete each level you need the plane to travel a set distance. The distance increases with each level but you can take as many throws as you need to. We start off in London and need to accumulate 1000 metres worth of flight time in order to progress. 

As your plane soars it will pass through stars. This conjures up an image of space flight but it is anything but, the stars are simply items to collect. Each star collected rewards you with $5 which means even a short flight can be quite rewarding. Collect any of the origami cranes that are floating about and you find yourself with a multiplier for a short period of time which boosts the money you are awarded for collecting stars. The more cranes you collect, the higher the multiplier.


All these earning would be no use if you couldn’t deposit them into your own bank account. Sadly you can’t but being able to spend them on upgrades for your plane is the next best thing. And there is no shortage of items urging you to part with your earnings. You can simply opt for a better plane, reduce the weight of the plane, boost your throwing power or add the ability to steer the plane. There are many upgrades to apply and different levels to each upgrade item. As well as upgrades there are some one-time use items which can be applied. 

The more you play, the more you will discover. A simple action of throwing a plane to see how far it goes becomes quite a journey. In addition to the stars and cranes, you’ll find little toy windmills to give a little boost, gusts of wind to contend with and jet streams. Later levels introduce golden shooting stars and flying dice with rainbow trails. There is some depth to the game that doesn’t reveal itself straight away.


The game certainly stretches the boundaries of reality but openly admits this and adds amusing quips which I like. For instance, when you add the ability to steer the plane you are informed that this “somehow” uses fuel. Adding a flame boost informs you that this is actually impossible and shouldn’t be tried at home.

Flight! is a charming and enjoyable little game. It sounded like a game I’d get bored of very quickly but that hasn’t been the case. For a game that simply involves throwing a paper plane as far as you can, there is plenty to do, many upgrades to buy and challenges that are going to require a bit of effort to beat. It’s not the kind of game that you will play for hours on end day after day but you may just find what was meant to be a quick session turns out to be a transatlantic flight.


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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 7
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 8



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