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Drawrace 2
by Paul Byron on Friday 9th Sep 2011

The racing line has never been more literal

On paper it just shouldn't work; take the line drawing mechanic from Flight Control and use it on a racing game. Somehow, though, Redlynx managed it with Drawrace, and now they're back with an even bigger and better sequel.

The original game was a time sink (in the best possible way) and the premise for the sequel hasn't changed; use one finger to draw a line around the track which will determine where your car will go. Going faster or slower affects the line and the speed that the car will travel.

Planning corners properly will result in just the right amount of powersliding, necessary in later tracks if you want to beat your opponents. Once done, the game will display the resulting race between your car and the other racers.


Draw Race 2

Learning the techniques to slow down, take corners or cut precious tenths of a second off your lap time is crucial to both winning and posting a good lap time. Drawrace 2 takes this idea and builds a whole new graphics engine around it. It looks like a whole new game, even if the mechanics are the same.

Enhancing the graphics doesn't just have an aesthetic effect on the game though, the line drawing is made easier because of the extra information from the size and shape of the line drawn on the screen and the clear view of the track helps make plotting a course a far more logical task than in the first game.

It's also far more rewarding to watch the resulting race play out in front of you once your plotting is complete. On the iPad this is enhanced further by the bigger screen. The game really comes to life on Apple's Tablet and it feels perfectly suited to the accuracy needed when tracing the course with your finger. If you have both devices then the iPad is the recommended platform to get the full experience.


Draw Race 2

One other extra feature is the turbo which, like KERS on a Formula 1 car, is recharged around corners and best used on straights. This could well have felt like an unnecessary addition if implemented incorrectly, but luckily it adds to both the strategy and the interaction of the race. Instead of being content to watch the race play out, the turbo gives you a little control over the speed of the car. It comes at a cost, though. Launching the tool at the wrong time could see your car take a corner too fast and come to a crashing halt in the barriers.

The game features 36 different tracks and a growing number of opponents on each of these bring the total levels up to 180. A series of different cars from rally to F1 and throwing in skill based tracks to collect cones keeps things interesting as you make your way through the ranks and on to the teeth grindingly difficult races at the pro level.


Draw Race 2

Add in multiplayer, where you can choose the pass-to-play approach or go online to play against ghosts over Game Center, and you have a massive amount to do in Drawrace 2, both alone and with friends.

This sequel has taken a simple game and turned it into something that matches the best the App Store has to offer. It may be a racing game that doesn't have any actual driving, but it beats a lot of other traditional racers hands down.


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  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 10
  • Longevity: 9



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