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Danger Alliance: Battles
by Paul Byron on Friday 4th Nov 2011

Danger Danger, high voltage.

It's all well and good being in the thick of the action, bullets flying this way and that, but sometimes you want to exercise those little grey cells during a fight.

This is where Tome's turn based strategy game comes in to play. The turn based gameplay gives you plenty of time to think about your strategy while retaining all the fun of a war game.

Starting with a bunch of five different soldiers, the game pits you against an equal enemy on the opposite side of the map. Some have short range weapons and some can provide cover over longer ranges. The other main difference between troops is in how far they can move.

Danger Alliance: Battles

As in other turn-based games, you first choose where to move, then where to fire. Thinking ahead is crucial in the game as the enemy is always trying to out-think you. One of the strengths that Danger Alliance has is that the enemy AI seems to be pretty smart, an essential ingredient in a good strategy game. They will out-flank and out think the casual player, even on easy. For everyone else, moving the difficulty up a couple of notches will provide plenty of challenge.

The maps themselves aren't all that big, but obstacles provide both cover and a challenge when navigating. The simple touch controls work fantastically to allow you to make your next move or choose an option, while the map rotates and zooms in and out using a simple pinch technique.


Danger Alliance: Battles

Graphics are cartoony, but very detailed. The characters, based around costumes from the 1950's, all have their own look and feel and it brings some extra personality to a genre that is normally all about faceless troops and divisions. The fact that each of these characters has a few quips when shooting or being shot adds to the atmosphere and you find yourself caring more about each of them.  The levels themselves are bright and colourful, yet still manage to look like battlefields.

The single player element will keep you going for quite a while, but I also had fun in the pass-and-play style multiplayer mode, where you take it in turns to make a move. This sort of game is well suited to the nature of pass-and-play, though an online multiplayer might have been a nice option.

Danger Alliance: Battles is a fun strategy game which makes its own mark thanks to the stand-out cartoon graphics style and great AI.


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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Longevity: 8



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