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Glo Flo
by Dan Reed on Monday 16th May 2011

Get your Glo on!


Capcom Mobile and Game Tantra present GLO FLO, a cute little pick-me-up puzzle game.


The Overview

Glo Flo is a puzzle game where you have to connect different coloured glow worms together on a board in order to complete the level... ofcourse, this is after the game has loaded.  It sounds kind of basic, and it is… and it sounds kind of rubbish, and it kind of is… but once again there are lots of little things that make this game quite playable.

The Game 

A level looks like this:


Glo Fo Puzzle App


You have to connect the same glow worms together without breaking the trail in order to complete the level, with the dots representing where you can go.  Your only options are to move horizontal or vertical, and one glow worm trail is not allowed to pass through another.

There are two modes to Glo Flo: puzzle and time attack.  Puzzle, in my opinion, gets old pretty quick.  I like the idea of this game but the developers definitely needed to mix it up a little bit… throw in a glow worm-eating bird or something for good measure.  I got about half way through the games’ 60-odd levels before I decided enough was enough… what’s more, there is a “useful” hint feature that easily becomes overused when boredom sinks in.  Also, the levels aren’t consistent – for example, level 20 could take you 10 minutes whereas level 21 may take 10 seconds.

The time attack mode, however, is pretty fun!  It’s basically the same game but against the clock; you have a set amount of time across all the levels and you earn points by creating longer trails between the glow worms.


Glo Flo Time Attack Mode


You earn bonus points, and valuable bonus time, by using all the available space on the level to connect the glow worms.  This is the only way to gain extra time (a total of 10 seconds), however sometimes it takes longer than 10 seconds to figure out the route to earn the extra time so use with discretion! 

Little Extras

Glo Flo has an “achievements” system in it, which kind of makes it more interesting.  These are in the forms of going the extra mile in a level, such as using the entire board in time attack mode.  However, the achievements pretty much count for jack, so I wouldn’t be too worried about polishing these off.


Like most puzzle games, Glo Flo is a great “pick-me-up” when you have a spare five minutes or on the commute towards work… it’s a time filler.  The time attack mode is definitely much better than the puzzle mode, and should see you returning to it multiple times to try and best your score.  The colours and look & feel of the game are fantastic, just for me it lacks a little bit in longevity.

The Good

  • The colours are great
  • It's cute, simple and fun
  • Time attack mode has playability
The Bad
  • It takes FOREVER to load!
  • Puzzle mode just gets annoying, especially with "hints"
  • Quite repetitive



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  • Sound: 5
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 4
  • Longevity: 3



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