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by Jon Wilson on Monday 28th Mar 2011

The Big Bangs.

Sometimes the point of a video game, or even an app, is just the challenge. It is pure and simple, and in many ways as equally beautiful as the game which delivers a story of many twists and turns.

CollisionEffect is such a game. It offers nothing in the way of explaining why you are playing, and to be fair it doesn’t need to. And for that I hereby thank the game’s developer, Vishindo. No nonsensical “Save the World” stuff. Keep it simple, and ultimately make it playable.

The game itself is puzzle based. It offers two gaming modes: Action and Puzzle. And the difference between these is that the Action version is all about speed, whereas the Puzzle version is trying to figure the combination to each level. Both game types are equally as fun and frustrating as the other.

In terms of how you play this game it is so basic it hurts, but in a good way. The black screen (space?) will have glowing spheres (stars?) floating across it. You tap on one of the spheres and all spheres on the screen that are the same colour will make a beeline for the sphere you have just tapped. If two spheres of different colours collide then it is game over.

In the Action game the spheres are moving. Passing each level will take an equal measure of wit and speed. Tap on the wrong sphere, or tap too quickly or too slowly, and you will end up with two stars colliding and you will have to start again.

In the Puzzle game the spheres are stationary, but most (and occassionally all) of the spheres are placed to collide with each other. You have to manoeuvre the stars in such a way so as to make the right colours combine whilst avoiding those that are different. It sounds simple, but some levels are real mind-benders.

When stars move across the screen they leave a trail of ‘stardust’ in their wake. And when they collide they do so in an explosion of ‘neon’. It really is a visual feast at times, particularly on the busier levels. It is a shame that the same cannot be said for the music/sound. The music to the main menu is crap, but the in-game music has a nice modern-retro feel. The sound effects are ok, if a lttile bit repetitive afer a while.  But look, after it got annoying I just turned the volume off. Easy.

CollisionEffect is one of those games I just keep going back to. I haven’t completed the game yet, but I am determined to do so. The Action and Puzzle games are of the sort that you can dip in and out of quite easily.  The Puzzle game especially is something I need to complete just because the answer (every time) is staring you in the face. I just need to figure out which ones to tap in which order, and when.

This is a wicked little game that will delight and annoy, and then delight you again. It is definitely one of those games I will keep on my iPod for a good while yet.

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  • Sound: 6
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 8



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