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Bugs Wars
by Jon Wilson on Monday 28th Mar 2011

Killing ET's cousins.

Questions: 1) How many times will a race of aliens attack the planet Earth? 2) And how many times will I be the only person who can protect the good citizens of this planet from these invaders? 3) Yawn?

Answers: 1) At least one more time, always. 2) I don’t care. If you need me I will always answer the call. I never get tired of shooting aliens. 3) Pass me the caffeinated, sugary energy drink… this could be an all-nighter.

As long as we have video games one thing is a given: There will always be more zombies and aliens to kill. Just like going to the park, there will always be more ducks to feed. But the ducks aren’t trying to kill you. I think.

HotDog Studio brings to the iPod/iPad/iPhone a game of this ilk. Shoot the aliens and save the world. It is simple and fun, and surprisingly addictive. There isn’t much of a storyline, but there doesn’t need to be one. If you fail to see this as a plausible plotline then perhaps video games are not for you.

The gameplay is basic. In the centre of the screen there is a human or two who is/are aimlessly walking around. From around the screen an assortment of aliens will appear, each one making their way towards their ambling prey. You are in control of a cross-hair through which you can target an array of weapons at these aliens. You are meant to kill the aliens before they kill the humans.

And it is actually quite good fun. The controls are set up quite well (your left thumb controlling the cross-hair and your right thumb selecting and firing weapons), the graphics are clear and the sound is good too. Certain aliens are harder to kill than others and the screen can get quite busy at times, but it doesn’t get too busy as long as you select the right weapons.

This game does allow for levelling up, too. You save the people and collect the gold coins, and this will allow you to buy weapons upgrades and ammunition, both of which you will need the further into the game you get. Your default weapon has infinite ammo, but your upgrades are finite and you will need to be careful how and when you use them.

There isn’t a lot more to this game than this, but I would say that there doesn’t need to be. There is enough of a challenge in the core game to keep most gamers satisfied for quite some time.

I really enjoyed this game. It is what it is, and nothing more. It is a simply but effective little game that delivers as just a 2D shooter, whilst having just enough depth to keep it interesting over a period of time. For what you are paying I would recommend this game highly.

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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 7



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