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Romance of Rome
by Jon Wilson on Monday 21st Mar 2011

Romance of Rome

For some reason my son likes me to sing the song “Ten Green Bottles” to him before he goes to sleep at night. I think it’s because he is learning his numbers, and sometimes I’ll get the numbers in the wrong order just to test him. He always catches me out. Anyway, in the past he has asked me to start from 100, and as much as the parent in me would like to I know that my patience would wear thing before too long, simply because of the repetitive nature of the task


100 green bottles hanging on the wall…

Developer Awem Studio brings “Romance of Rome” to the iPod and iPhone. Set during the Roman Empire the story follows our protagonist, Marcus, as he travels to Rome seeking fame, fortune and love. There is a bit more to the story than that (he gets attacked, he is recued, etc) but basically you start with nothing and you have to complete tasks to gain money, status and ultimately the girl of your dreams. It’s classic rags to riches

 One (Ro)Man and His Dog

80 green bottles hanging on the wall…

These aforementioned tasks consist of two things: finding the hidden objects and solving some puzzles. This is a Hidden Object game, so it should come as no surprise that the bulk of this game is just that. After the introductory cartoon explaining the storyline you are taken to your first set if pictures, and within each of them you will need to find a selection of fairly random object.


60 green bottles hanging on the wall…

I should say, at this point, that the pictures are actually very well drawn/painted. The level of detail should be commended, and if I were to base this purely on how good they were this game would score well. And the hidden objects can be very well hidden. I must admit to using the ‘Help’ button a few times because I simply couldn’t find the final object. If your patience is greater than mine I’d imagine some of the objects will remain hidden for some time.

 I've Been Here Before...

40 green bottles hanging on the wall…

There are a few puzzles to do too, some of which will reveal further hidden objects and others will result in a reward from one the people you will meet on your journey. These puzzles aren’t too hard (in fact anyone with a knowledge of point and click adventures will find them simple), but do offer some variation to the standard gameplay. There are some achievements to discover, too. Sadly, though, this is not enough to break up the monotony of the game.


20 green bottles hanging on the wall…

Romance of Rome does get repetitive very quickly. There is simply not enough variety to keep you entertained. Whilst well drawn, the pictures are actually quite drab. And they get used again and again for the various levels. It is quite frustrating to come back to the same picture to find yet more hidden objects. Even die hard object finders might struggle with having to stare t the same thing time and time again.

 Level Complete!!

10 green bottles hanging on the wall…

I found this game so dull to play that I started to click randomly around the pictures as quickly as possible. It seems as though this has been considered by Awem as I managed to get an achievement for finding 15 objects within a minute, something which is surely impossible if you play in the spirit of the game. The fast-click approach was certainly more entertaining, but in terms of gameplay it is hardly the test of mind and skill you might usually look for in a game.


0 green bottles hanging on the wall…

Overall I would say this is one to avoid, unless you are particularly keen on Hidden Object games. Normally I would have stopped playing this with an hour, but carried on to see if there was something worth playing for. And there wasn’t. It is boring and pointless as the 100 green bottles song. As G5 Entertainment is asking £2.99 for this game (and asking £3.99 for the iPad version) I have to say I am please that not all roads these days lead to Rome.


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  • Sound: 5
  • Graphics: 7
  • Gameplay: 4
  • Longevity: 5



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