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by Chris Thompson on Friday 11th Mar 2011

Maybe you will Puck this on your iPhone?

You have most likely played Air Hockey, if you add Air Hockey to a score based, brick breaking game then you get something quite different and exactly what Puckerz brings to the table!

It’s pretty straight forward game; you are given a puck and told to collect different colour coins: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Obviously, Gold is the highest valued coin and Bronze the lowest. It’s not as straight forward as just collecting the coins, they are blocked off behind breakable blocks which you have to hit and break – forcing you to be quick and precise to collect enough coins in the time limit.

You have 30 levels to do, separated into 5 worlds – 6 levels on each. Scores for each level are added together across the game to give a total score. This score is used in the leaderboards and is something that you may want to pursue and get higher by collecting more coins or doing the level in a faster time.

Precision is key; each level has different layouts of traps, or holes your puck can fall in. These can get a little annoying, albeit in a way that makes you learn from your experiences. Although, its balanced pretty well as there are power-ups that add 30 seconds to the countdown and make blocks disintegrate before you touch them, there many more too.

Vision is a problem for this game, you can’t really see far enough. It’s like trying to play a football game, trying to decide where to pass when you can only see about 10 metres either side. It needs a zoom function badly; a zoom out feature would make the game so much more accessible. You could say that making the game more accessible would make it too easy; I think I might actually agree. The addition of the zoom might take away an aspect of the challenge.

The game looks quite good; it also runs at a constant frame rate when it’s not crashed. I have to admit, I did have a few incidents where the game controls froze completely. It doesn’t happen often and doesn’t through you out of the game. However, It does make you lose 10 seconds of valuable playing time while in game.

Over all, this is a good game. I would suggest it’s a little too short. Nevertheless, we are spoilt by games like Angry Birds that have far more levels. I would like to see some more levels for this in the future though, maybe even a Puckerz 2. It’s quite an addictive little game that I can see myself going back to; trying to improve my scores.


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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Longevity: 8



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