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Hills of Glory: WWII
by Chris Hull on Friday 24th Jun 2011

This fiery redhead is a real soldier! ARE YOU?

Mando Productions have released their attempt at a tower defense game to the App Store. Surely it will have to pull something out of the bag to stand out from the rest? Well I'm happy to report that Hills of Glory: WWII is a fine addition to the ranks of the App Store.

So, what's the object of this game? The basic idea is to prevent hordes of troops from killing your own soldiers who are have fortified themselves into a position. Each level, you select up to 3 soldiers to fight for you, with each type of soldier having various different abilities. Each enemy you kill will increase your score for that level. The better the score, the more upgrades you will be able to afford. There is of course a real-cash option, so you can buy your way through the upgrades if you want to ruin the fun.

Hills of Glory

Each soldier has 2 unique abilities, so you have an arsenal of up to 6 weapons to use per level, with each weapon (depending on the damage it does and how effective it is) having different reload times. Basic weapons such as a standard gun reloads almost immediately. It is activated by tapping an enemy soldier. Whereas a barrage of rockets, activated by sweeping horizontally across the screen, takes long to reload as it is quite powerful. I have found a few problems with the swiping system. For example, the machine gun is actived by drawing a vertical line. A path of machine gun fire will fire across the whole map by following this line. As mentioned just now, the rockets are activated via a horizontal swipe. So what happens if you go slightly horizontal with either weapon? It can be a pain to send out a rocket barrage when you're actually just trying to fire a machine gun.

Hills of Glory

That's where the complaints end. The rest of the game is a delight to play. The enemy soldiers are quite humourous. At the start, a basic gun can take one out in two shots (one shot after a few upgrades), and a soldier appears to become topless after the first shot they take, almost like you've fired his shirt off. i found this quite novel and it made the game less serious. The soldiers also cry like a baby and down the other end of the spectrum grunt with a deep voice. It sounds silly, but had these not been included, it would have removed some fun element from the game. It's the minor details that improve games.

I've had a long play through campaign mode, and it's extremely fun. I enjoy the explosions and variety of weapons. I was glad to see tanks attacking me in some levels aswell, and great news, they take a real battering, so you have to send lots of attacks their way to make sure they don't get too close, or you and your soldiers are toast.

If you're looking for a nice pick-up 'n' play game for your iPod, this is definitely it. Besides the small gripes with the weapon swiping, this game is one of my favourites. You can challenge yourself to a long campaign mode, or simply choose a level and go. Get onto the App Store now and pick it up!

I command you!



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  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Longevity: 9



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