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Pudding Panic
by Chris Hull on Sunday 24th Jul 2011

Shaking like a jelly on a plate!

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to become a green jelly that wanders through a maze of haunted tracks, armed only with the strangest weaponry imaginable and faced with some of the weirdest foes you'll ever meet, Pudding Panic is the App for you.

It is an odd choice of character in a bizarre and unrelated environment, but it seems that jellies and ghost trains go better than expected; a pat on the back for whoever came up with such a crazy and outlandish idea. You take control of J Jitters, a green pudding that is on a journey through haunted tracks that are plagued by crawlies and creatures that aim to scare. Your job is to help this scared little pudding through the 48 levels by changing parts of the track to avoid the horrid monsters, as well as to pickup tokens.

 Pudding Panic


The controls are in a neat layout, with the control menu taking up a small part of the right hand side of the screen. This menu will feature the different types of track available for selection, as well as weapons that can be used to give these jelly hating foes a taste of their own medicine.

Whilst the levels may look very busy at times, with the difficulty increasing as you progress, the game rarely gets out of hand, as selecting a track segment pauses the game whilst you drag the track to the selected intersection. This prevents rushing the player into making decisions, and creates the impression of a more relaxing puzzle game.


Pudding Panic


If you are scared too many times by the various monsters, either by directing J Jitters into a monster or not using a weapon in time, then he will get afraid and turn around on the track. Once he’s been scared too many times, he will fall from the track and you lose.


The most attractive aspect of the app is the overall design. The menus are quirky and fun, reflecting the jovial nature of the game despite the horror theme. The game is a sick and twisted concoction of humour and fear, brought to you in a simple cartoon style, a mixture that works extremely well.

 Pudding Panic

Pudding Panic seems to have created a genre that has never been seen before on the App Store. Whilst being an action packed cartoon thriller, it is also a relaxing puzzler that doesn’t demand too much from the gamer. A simple concept with appropriate presentation makes this a top App. 



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  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Longevity: 8



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