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Back To The Future Episode 4 HD
by Paul Byron on Tuesday 19th Jul 2011

The Nutty Professor has nothing on Doc Brown

As Telltale’s series begins to tie up the threads from episodes one to three, it seems to create more interesting ones to take their place.  Such is the emphasis on weaving the tangled tale in the fourth part of this adventure.

But first we begin right where Episode three left off.  Don't worry, there are no spoilers here for anyone who hasnt played the first three parts of the series, though I highly recommend playing through the earlier chapters first before getting stuck into this latest adventure.

Don't Jump!

The story takes some interesting turns by the time we get into this current chapter, starting out with Marty and the ‘First Citizen Brown’ version of Doc finding a way to get Marty back to 1931 and a very young Doc Brown.   Knowing that every action seems to lead to further ripples in the 1980’s version of Marty’s world helps to decipher what comes next, but there are some very interesting things building for the final episode.

Aside from the story, Marty’s adventure doesn’t really differ from the previous episodes.  There are plenty of puzzles to solve by using items together and plenty of dialogue.  That said, Episode four has more dialogue than previous episodes and seems far more of a character driven adventure this time around, which I’m all for.


Not the usual trip to the dentist

Given that the story and characters are the strongest part of Episode four, for me this episode is the stand-out moment in the series. Every chapter from the very first has held me captivated, perhaps because I have a love for the source material or maybe it's that Telltale have done such a fine job with the voices, character design and the story.  But Four is where is really starts to come together.

Technically, the graphics seem to push that bit harder, with more happening on screen.  This does mean that the occasional slowdown presents itself, even on the iPad 2.  For first generation iPad owners the advice is the same as for previous episodes; the game can be played but it suffers badly sometimes on the less powerful hardware.


Back in Time

Short of going over old ground, that’s really all there is to say about Episode four of Back To The Future.  It’s more of the same but the story raises it above the previous episodes.  Roll on Episode Five and the return of one Michael J Fox.


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  • Sound: 9
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 7



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