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Burn the Rope
by Paul Byron on Wednesday 9th Feb 2011

Staying Alive

What have iPhone owners got against ropes?  First we were told to cut them in Chillingo’s excellent physics puzzler and now they apparently need to be burnt. Still, with gameplay as fun as Big Blue Bubble’s latest game, you won’t find us complaining. 

Burn The Rope is a unique puzzle game that uses the motion sensing hardware to full effect.  The object of the game, as if you hadn’t guessed, is to set fire to a rope and burn it until there is nothing left.  The trick here is that the flame will go out if it tries to burn down the rope, keeping the flame going upwards is the top priority and is achieved by rotating your device with the flame to ensure it burns the next piece of rope without being extinguished.


Burn the Rope

As easy as this sounds, several other things stand in the way of achieving your goal.  Firstly, there are multiple ropes knotted together, all going off in different directions.  Concentrate on one flame and you’ll find the others dying out, leaving odd bits of rope just hanging there. 

In addition to this, the game starts to throw different coloured ropes at you, which all need the same coloured flame as the rope to burn it. To change the flame colour you need to set fire to a coloured ant that you’ll find walking up and down the rope.


Burn the Rope

Beetles appear in later stages, adding to the requirements for getting a gold medal.  You will need to use the right coloured flame to burn through these as well.  Other bugs include Spiders that launch a strand of web so you can get across tricky areas, Fire bugs will explode, Electric bugs will allow flame colours to jump across between them and water bugs are a right pain, putting out your flame.

It all adds up to one hectic puzzle game that requires some expert timing in later levels in order to keep all the flames burning.  Medals can be won based on the amount of rope you burn and getting gold on all the courses isn’t an easy feat.

The first version of Burn the Rope did come with a few issues.  Most importantly was the tendency for your flame to burn out too quickly on corners.  Luckily, this has now been re-jigged and the difficulty is nicely balanced in the current update for the game.  The only issue you’ll have now is keeping hold of your iDevice as you turn it round and round to keep the flame alive!


Burn the Rope

Another recent update has been the addition of Retina Display support.  The game looked nice enough on 3rd Generation devices already, but iPhone 4 owners might have felt a bit short changed.  The new graphical sheen from the Retina Display change hasn’t really added a great deal but certainly makes the game look much crisper and is very welcome.

With updates already applied to the game and now Retina Display support, Burn the Rope looks and plays wonderfully.  It’s another fine puzzle game to add to the select few must have’s on the App Store.


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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Longevity: 8



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