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Destructopus: Total Rampage
by Chris Hull on Friday 19th Aug 2011


Destructopus is exactly what it says on the tin. It's about a mutant octopus who destroys buildings and kills people. A familiar idea along the lines of Godzilla and King Kong who both ravaged cities. Well Octopi have an attitude too. And not just Octopi, other members of the animal kingdom can be unlocked to fight as!

Most epic mutant animal films such as Godzilla, King Kong and Jaws require a great sound track to bring them to life. Don't tell me you don't hear the Jaws theme every time you get into the bath? Well I do. Sadly, Destructopus doesn't have too great a theme tune. It's heavy, and slow, rock music with plenty of bass. It also sounds as though it has been made on a £20 keyboard.



As for the other sounds, you'll get the basic building crashing to the ground sound, but sadly, there are no screams from the people. That is the first thing I would change about this app without a doubt. If you're going to cause destruction, you want to hear the screams of your labour.

Onto the controls which are very easy to use. You get a stick that will move your character on the left of the screen. A bite and punch button on the right as well as a shoot stick on the right. It doesn't take a genius to use these controls. But with simplicity comes limitation. Sadly, the amount of your destruction you can cause is very restrictive. You can only attack areas that are target with red reticles. When you destroy something, you don't want to be told "No! You can only attack this bit!". The menu however, just like the controls, is very easy to use, and graphically very appealing.




As for the game graphics, they are cartoon style graphics, with most of the emphasis and detail appearing on the monster you control. What would be nice to see if more emphasis on the environment. It's not nice to anihilate buildings that are just plain. You want to see windows open with people in them watching TVs or doing the washing up.There's no fun in knocking over concrete blocks.

One of the good points about the game is the Facebook integration which allows you to share scores for your Facebook friends to beat. It is a feature that is becoming more common amongst apps now. Other good points include the fantastic style of the menu, the option for different monsters which adds a spicy variety to the game, and despite the bland backgrounds, the monsters do stand out a lot and grab the spotlight.





The bad points. The music needs a serious overhaul as it's just not exciting enough for the games subject. There is just too much bass! Human screams should be added to the Destructopus sound library just to reward us users for our efforts. The controls need to be broadened to beyond destroying what we're told to destroy. The last thing I'm not sure about is saving endangered species of animal throughout the game. I'm just too confused to comprehend why this was put into the game.

Destructopus is a crazy concept that does a decent job at entertaining the masses with chaos and fire. What it doesn't do is keep the fire going, with many features left to be desired and the music annoying the tentacles out of me.



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  • Sound: 6
  • Graphics: 7
  • Gameplay: 6
  • Longevity: 7



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