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Coin Drop
by Paul Byron on Wednesday 27th Apr 2011

Drop Everything

How was I so easily duped? A smiley golden coin icon glared at me innocently, it was just another 2-bit puzzle game I had to play through. Little did I know that Coin Drop would get so addictive.

First impressions of Coin Drop can be summed up in 2 words: Peggle Imitation. But it certainly has more depth and character than this initial impression would suggest.

Yes, you drop coins (balls) on to pegs to score points, but Coin Drop offers so much more than this.

Coin Drop

The overall aim of each level is to hit and remove the evil blue coins (or Bad Pennies as they're called in the game). This gives you access to the next level and also gives you a score bonus. But removing these coins alone won't gain you enough points to get the 3 stars needed on each level (yes, damn stars again, I know, it's now a mainstay of iOS gaming that levels have to have 3 stars).

To gain further points you will need to hit all the pegs, turning them in to a different colour. Manage this and you can start again, changing the colour again until they all match. Each time you do this you get a bonus. On top of this, you have 5 exits with one lit up. Hit the coin into this lit exit and you'll get a bonus, manage all five in one level and you'll get a Coin Frenzy, dropping a whole bunch of coins across the level and scoring even more points. All this needs to be achieved with only 15 coins to drop.

Coin Drop

The varied level design helps to keep the game fresh throughout the 60 levels and the developers are promising more to come. Initial levels ease you in to the game with basic obstacles. Get further into the game and you'll be battling teleports, cages and buildings to knock down while rescuing friendly coins for more points.

It's a quick game to pick up but, as the saying goes, difficult to master. With a certain number of stars needed on each set of 15 levels before unlocking the next batch, the game won't be the walk in the park that it first seems. To get 3 stars on each level will take some doing.

Coin Drop

Aside from the addictive gameplay, Coin Drop scores big on presentation. The in game graphics are bright and colourful, but the end of level and winning sequences are eye-watering, in the best possible sense. Sound and graphics are top notch, setting the game apart from quality of other 59p Apps on the store. It's difficult to gain an impression from our stills, but believe me when I say this is one good looking game. If you own an iPad then it's even more of a priority to grab this game right now. The visuals and gameplay all benefit greatly from the larger screen and it's a perfect game to play while sat on the sofa with the device resting on your lap.

Coin Drop is our new favourite action puzzle game and I can see this game taking pride of place on my iPad for a long time to come. It has just the right level of giddy day-glo presentation, coupled with a great physics engine and addictive gameplay.


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  • Sound: 9
  • Graphics: 10
  • Gameplay: 10
  • Longevity: 9



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