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Chop Chop Kicker
by Paul Byron on Monday 11th Apr 2011

Giving Dinos the boot

Cavemen kicking dinosaurs might not be enough to get the animal protection leagues interested, they're a little late to do anything about it for a start, but the latest Chop Chop game should certainly get a few gamers excited enough.

Chop Chop kicker comes as the latest in a line of fun and simple to control App Store games, this time taking on the might of the flying physics or catapult genre. It starts with a caveman butting a small dinosaur in the air and then it's your job to keep him there for as long as possible while your distance counter goes up.

Chop Chop Kicker

Helping you in your task is an idea borrowed from a few other recent games, the crayon. Drawing lines or curves will allow your dinosaur to use its momentum to rise up into the sky again. At least, that's the idea. If you misplace the line or don't make the curvature steep enough the poor dino will simply crash into the ground. Running out of ink won't help either and collecting jelly beans can ensure you keep a plentiful supply.

Luckily, there are a fair few items on the floor that might also save you, from a bigger dino with a good kick to a man-eating plant that will chew you and spit you out. There are also birds in the sky that will drop you fast (good for gaining speed) or throw you across the sky. Other items, such as the bubble or hot chilli will help you along, all while your ink in the crayon slowly creeps back up to get replenished.

Chop Chop Kicker

Once you've completed enough of a distance then you'll be given coins to use to get further levels, characters and to enhance the items dotted around the level by adding extra time or power to them. This method ensures that some extra longevity is eked out of the game, though the only things that change when choosing new backgrounds or creatures seem to be the graphics. Still, it's far better than being left with only one background each time you replay.

On paper this game should be pretty repetitive, and too an extent, it is; you simply go from left to right marking out ramps and keeping an eye on your ink. But something makes Chop Chop Kicker much more than just one long ride through the jelly bean covered sky. Maybe it's the cute graphics or the unlock system, but I found myself coming back to the game to beat my high score and unlock all the extras.

Chop Chop Kicker

The use of music in the game is an odd choice, I quite enjoyed it while it was going, but the game cuts it out after you've reached a certain distance and all you're left with are the sound effects. It would be nice if they could keep the music going or, better still, change the tune back and forth with another to keep things from getting too repetitive.

Gamerizon have come up with another great Chop Chop game to add to their ever growing list. Chop Chop Kicker may be basic and lack the longer term challenge of some other flying games, but the cute graphics and interesting use of a crayon help it to stand out among the crowd.


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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Longevity: 7



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