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Cut The Rope
by Paul Byron on Friday 8th Oct 2010

So...what do you have to do again?

Never before has a game title so aptly described what to do in a game.  Cut The Rope may sound like an oddly simple title, but it hides an addictive and fun game.

The same mechanics that made Angry Birds the number one game on many iPhones across the world appear in Cut The Rope; a simple idea mixed with a good physics engine, ever increasing difficulty levels and cute characters.  There are even sets of levels grouped together by theme and the promise of further levels to come.  Sound familiar?

But this game isn’t about knocking things down.  No.  The game asks you to do a simple task; feed the little Om Nom creature (who has strangely been posted to your front door) with a candy.  Standing in your way are gravity, spikes, bubbles and, most importantly, ropes.  Initially, only the ropes hold the candy up and it’s just a case of cutting them in the right order for the candy to fall into the mouth of the hungry Om Nom.  

Cut The Rope

Just as you get used to the physics the game designers put the Om Nom at the top of the screen and give you bubbles to float the sweet treats up to him and puffy things to blow it left and right, the swines!  Get used to the next item they throw at you and you'll be presented with another. So the game carries on, adding more and more obstacles to hamper your attempts at feeding the little critter.


Cut The Rope

Don’t think you’ll get away with playing a level only once though.  A 3 star system, based on the stars you collect on the way to your goal, is in place to ensure you want to play through each level again, if only to perfect your score.  Again, it's been done before but why not use a perfectly good system for encouraging players to come back to each level? You don't need all the stars to complete the game, but you'll WANT to.

Chillingo seem to have a hit on their hands here.  It’s arguably as good as Angry Birds, though it’s missing the cute cartoon story. I really do want to know more about Om Nom and I’m hoping the developers see fit to add a story in the next update.  Ultimately, though, you need to get this game.  It really is the best 59p you’ll have spent this month.

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  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 10
  • Longevity: 9



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