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Reckless Racing
by Paul Byron on Tuesday 2nd Nov 2010

Yee (and indeed) Har!

Top Down Racers, you’d think they’d be old hat by now, left out in the cold by fancy 3D flyboys such as Real Racing.  But here we are with another defender of the genre.  Reckless Racing isn’t happy just being another top down racer though, it wants to shake things up a bit.

Theme-wise, the opening few bars of banjo music set the scene perfectly.  This is hillbilly country. Expect stereotypical Deep South Redneck characters and the types of vehicle you’d see in Dukes of Hazzard and you won’t be far wrong.  But it’s not just a novelty.  The tracks are built around muddy hills, ramshackle buildings and lost highways, perfect fodder for racing and drifting around.


Reckless Racing

The racing takes place over 5 courses (10 if you include reverse versions) all with enough twists and turns to keep any drift fans happy. They’re all well thought out tracks and, thanks to some great attention to detail, look beautiful too.  2 levels of difficulty allow everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans to get the most out of the game and within this you have gold, silver and bronze cups which change the way your opponents AI handles.  It’s so well balanced that those with no racing experience will feel just as at home as someone who has played every racer, ever.

If only the single player was on offer here then the game would still be recommended, but Polarbit have gone all out to provide a time trial mode with ghost racers that can be downloaded and, more importantly, a delivery service game.  This involves getting a parcel from one side of the map to the other, with traffic and time against you.  The longer you take the more challenging it becomes to keep within the time limit for the next parcel.


Reckless Racing

Lastly there’s the welcome sight of a multiplayer mode.  Although it doesn’t have any match-up facilities (I’m hoping they might add Game Centre support in an update to solve this) there is voice chat and a worldwide leaderboard to beat, ensuring the game never gets old.  It’s pretty easy to find a game, even if you can’t choose who you’ll be racing against and the multiplayer runs smoothly.

Despite the small number of tracks Reckless Racing is not only one of the best top down racers on the app store but arguably one of the best racers full stop. 

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  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Longevity: 9



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