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Yoo! Sports
by Paul Byron on Thursday 11th Nov 2010

A plethora of sports

Sometimes a name tells you everything you need to know.  Yoo Sports is, as you may have guessed, a Wii Sports rip off for iPhone.  It has Mii Avatars (Called a Yoo Me), Tennis, Bowling, Boxing, Archery and Basketball (though no golf as yet) and it’s all bright pastel colours.

So far so Wii Sports, but does this game command the same hype?  Triniti Interactive, the people who brought you the great value Gamebox App, have at least tried to make each game easy to use and have successfully captured the graphical flair of Nintendo.  Everything is crisp and clean and easy to see.

Yoo! Sports

The Me Avatars are easy to build and look the part, though things like Glasses and accessories tend to go missing when they’re playing the sports (health and safely issue, perhaps?).  More than one can be assigned to the system as well, so just like Wii Sports you can have your whole family and a host of famous Me’s all in one app.

But Yoo Sports can’t just survive on its Avatars alone, the games need to be playable too.  To an extent, they are. They’re easy to get the hang of and even have tutorials available at the start that take you through the basics.  Controls are easy to use and suitable for each game, you can pretty much guess what you need to do to control a certain sport.  The physics and dynamics lean towards the arcade rather than anything realistic but this too is to be expected.


Yoo! Sports

The over-riding issue is that every game has the same fault; it’s all too easy to win.  The Wii has a built in difficulty because of the control system, the iPhone doesn’t have this (or could, but not in this game) because everything is a little too accessible.  There is very little challenge in any game bar perhaps the 3-pointer Basketball effort.  When you limit the control to touch screen it takes away some of the skill that the Wii Remote gives you.

Compounding this is the simplicity of some of the activities; boxing seems to have the same Avatar fighting you over and over again, I had to compete against countless Vikings before coming up against someone interesting, tennis is very simple with no real variety and the Basketball game doesn’t allow for any variety in shots.

No multiplayer option means none of the competing against family and friends that made Wii Sports so much fun.  It shouldn't have been too hard to add a simple local multiplayer mode in to the game, surely?


Yoo! Sports

Given a skill level option the game would be a must have. It’s something I hope Triniti will think of adding in the future.  It’s worth noting that the app will no doubt get updates with yet more sports, as Triniti have a history of adding games to their other collections and providing regular updates for free.

Despite these faults, though, Yoo Sports is a good looking and well put-together game and still offers good entertainment for the money, especially for younger players who won’t mind about the low skill level.

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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 7
  • Longevity: 7



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