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The Hero
by Lew Reed on Sunday 14th Mar 2010

And they say that a hero can save us.

The Hero feels like a game that is completely safe to fall back on when you’re not sure what you want to do next. Through its simplicity, it could find its way into the hands of many iPhone owners, but is there enough incentive to keep it there?

The first few minutes with an iPhone game are often the most important as it’s then that you’ll find out whether the controls are likely to be problematic, or fit just right. It would be hard for the Hero not to work, because it’s a 2D game with a stick and a couple of buttons that just requires you to fly from one target to the next. The premise is equally simple: you’re saving the city by flying into bad dudes, bombs and falling babies lucky enough to have parachutes. There’s no ‘fire’ or ‘teleport baby to safe ground’ button, you just fly into stuff, and this was certainly the best way to go about it to avoid overcomplicating the game. Instead of health your success relies on 'fame'. Retain your fame by high-fiving onlookers in building windows, and dealing with the general nastiness of whatever city you're playing in.

Hiro 1

The Hero is instantly compelling and great to pick and play when you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare. The problem inherent to this kind of advantage is the potential for lacking in depth, and sure enough there’s only so much fun you can have flying into stuff. A superhero game without superpowers wouldn’t be particularly super, so thankfully you can freeze time and fly super quick, but this really doesn’t add much depth to the gameplay. I should point out that this is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage given the nature of the game, though consequently I would not recommend extended play sessions as rescuing babies from certain death does quickly lose its appeal.

There are fifteen levels in the game, but ultimately they’re just different looking backgrounds with some enemy variation. By just level five I was having trouble progressing due to ninjas and tanks, which is where the game’s simplicity causes a few problems. There’s only so many ways you can approach the game, and ultimately it just boils down to ‘flying better’, as a result I got stuck very early on in the game because of what I can only put down to a difficulty spike. Here’s hoping I don’t run into any helicopters…

Hero 2

The Hero is super easy to pick up; this low entry level and the universally appealing super hero genre tag make it an outstanding purchase for almost anyone at the suprisingly low £1.19 price tag. The game looks spectacular, sounds appropriately upbeat and knows exactly what it’s trying to do. Nothing lasts forever, though. If you spend too much time with it, it’ll become boring quite quickly, but it’s still good for a few short bursts here and there and they'll be very enjoyable indeed.

The Hero is available right now on the AppStore for £1.19

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  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 7
  • Longevity: 8



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