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Pro Zombie Soccer
by Paul Byron on Thursday 22nd Jul 2010

Limbs flying. decapitation and football. No, it's not the Netherlands team.

Chillingo know a good thing when they see one and mixing the app store’s love of Zombies with an equal love of Football sounds like a great plan.   Pro Zombie Soccer does just this, but is it a goal or simply off-side?

Pro Zombie Soccer starts off with a story, told with some lovely artwork and slightly less-than-lovely humour.  The star is a boy who loves soccer but hasn’t been able to make a place on his team, after a chance meeting with one of his heroes (a thinly disguised Ronaldinho) who has become a zombie, he discovers that he has the power to kill zombie hordes with just a football.  Which is lucky, because it seems that the world has been yet again overrun with the brain munchers.

On to the game, then.  The object is simple, hit the oncoming zombies with the ball. You kick the ball by aiming up and down on the left of the screen, while zombies lumber towards you from the right in a Plants vs Zombies style.  Holding the ball down will trigger a more powerful shot which is needed to kill some of the stronger zombies.

Pretty soon, though, you’ll find a huge number of the undead coming at you all at the same time.  This is where the special weapons come in.  Hitting zombies with the ball will charge up a meter which, when full, grants you one of three super weapons; a satellite –based laser targeting device, a slice action that lets the ball slice through whole waves of Zombies and a special super speedy ball that returns to you a lot faster.

Apart from the odd boss battle, every level takes the same form, you on the left, zombies on the right.  This could get very boring after a few levels, no matter how nice the graphics or backgrounds are, but luckily there are a ton of different zombie types to keep the gameplay fresh.  Some burrow under the ground and need to be hit when they come up for air, others have shields and need accurate aiming to hit them on their heads (which had me swearing more than once at the screen).

Graphically, the developers have done a wonderful job.  Comparisons will probably be made between this a Plants Vs Zombies and it’s fair to say there’s a similarity between the art styles here, which is no bad thing. The backgrounds are well drawn and running sequences where the backgrounds scroll along are particularly note-worthy.

With two different difficulty settings and Crystal support there’s plenty of re-play value when you’ve finished the game and only the slightly dodgy dialogue and bad humour stands in the way of making this a classic app.


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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 8



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