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Zombie Crisis 3D
by Paul Byron on Friday 3rd Dec 2010

House of the nearly dead

On Rails shooters seem to be a trend on the iPhone at the moment, most of them featuring Zombies or Mutants.  Zombie Crisis 3D isn’t going to buck this trend, but can it stand out from the crowd?

From the initial cut scenes, all told in a motion comic style with some fantastic artwork, my hopes were raised.  This didn’t last long.  It’s clear from the moment you pick up a gun and start shooting that this is as a-typical as on-rails iPhone shooters get. 

Zombie Crisis 3D

Kongzhong have made the odd choice of using a finger on the touchscreen to aim and fire.  There’s no tilt aiming or virtual joypad here.  While it undoubtedly works and allows for multiple head-shots it’s a bit disappointing. You can lose track of zombies while your finger obscures the view and it’s impossible to be accurate when shooting something further away.  A choice of controls would have been a better option. Added to this, you only get 3 weapons (with an added dagger for close up kills), not a huge choice for a game that relies on different ways to kill your enemy to keep it interesting.


Zombie Crisis 3D

But when you’re in the thick of the action it can still be a thrilling ride.  A huge variety of zombies, including animals, come at you from all angles, the sharp turns of the camera emphasising danger round the next bend and ammo crates lay in dark corners waiting to be shot for precious bullets. 

The levels are very well designed, a must for this sort of game, and offer plenty of open doorways where the living dead can lumber, or even rush towards you.  Even so, you still get the nagging feeling that it’s all just going through the motions at times.


Zombie Crisis 3D

Every so often the game will pause to continue another piece of exposition, just so you know why you’re actually there and fighting these creatures.  It’s not exactly the world’s best story but it’s nice to have something to string all the set pieces together.  The artwork in comic cut-scenes tends to jar against the lower quality in-game graphics, though they do their job well when there are a huge wave of Zombies on screen.

Ultimately, Zombie Crisis 3D is like a B-Movie; it lacks substance and style in the game but makes up for it in sheer unadulterated zombie-killing fun.

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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 6
  • Gameplay: 7
  • Longevity: 6



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