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Rockband Reloaded
by Paul Byron on Wednesday 29th Dec 2010

For those about to rock, there's iPhone...

The Rockband games have hit virtually every format in their time and the iPhone even got its own version of the game last year.  However, EA’s release on to the iOS platform always felt like there was something missing.

Rockband Reloaded is the second attempt at bringing the highly successful franchise to iPhone and it addresses a lot of the issues with the first game by increasing the song list and adding some much needed features.


Rockband reloaded

The game plays pretty much like any other version, albeit with icons in place of real keys.  While this might feel a little strange at first, it actually works pretty well and now that you can play the game in landscape mode it gives you a lot of freedom with your fingers.  There are 33 songs included, some of which require a download before use, all of which are there to play in the Quick Play section or worked through via the World Tour, which tasks you with building up your band, playing ever bigger venues as you become famous.

Unlike the first iOS game, Rockband Reloaded lets you sing into the device and measures your pitch, just like with Singstar, Lips and all the other Karaoke games out there.  It seems to work fairly well, though I managed to hum my way through Don’t Speak  by No Doubt and still get full marks. 

Rockband reloaded

It’s a nice addition to the game and almost brings it up to the full console game’s level, but the lack of tactile instruments will always prevent it from becoming a fully immersive experience.  That, coupled with the instrument panel obscuring the view of the band (something I feel is important to the game experience), prevent it from becoming a classic.


Rockband reloaded

Despite this, Reloaded offers a fair amount of content and features like letting you jog the device for a whammy effect are very welcome.  With Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revenge on the scene, EA have worked hard to give Rockband the edge and they’ve succeeded.

With a great list of songs, more to buy on the store and a vastly better effort than the first game, Rockband Reloaded is well worth a purchase if you’re in to your music games and fancy a portable version while you’re away from your plastic guitar.

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  • Sound: 9
  • Graphics: 7
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 8



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