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Vikings Can Fly!
by Paul Byron on Friday 17th Dec 2010

Grab a Valkyrie

Earlier in the year I fell in love with a game called Fly, Kiwi, Fly.  It involved getting a Kiwi airborne and keeping him there long enough to get to the US Space Shuttle. 

Despite numerous other airborne games appearing since then, none captured the cute characters or polished feel of the Kiwi, until now.

Vikings Can Fly may be nearer to Fly, Kiwi, Fly than a copyright infringement may otherwise allow, but the sheer fun of the story and the daft nature of the game win out over the feeling of familiarity.

Vikings Can Fly


The story goes something like this:  Bjorn is a young Viking and keen inventor.  One day he sees a beautiful Valkyrie and knows that he has to go after her, but to do that he has to travel through the nine worlds of the Norse Gods…in the air!

Using various contraptions and boost to keep him up, your job is to tilt the screen to dive and recover Bjorn in order to get him further along the level.  Coins collected along the way can be used to pay for new inventions, or aids such as a Viking shield team who will bounce you away from the ground.   Adding to this you have stats for aerodynamics, thrust power, hill height and items like a catapult to get a good start. 


Vikings Can Fly

Performing stunts in the air like loop-the-loops, getting to a certain height and other achievements will unlock awards that can also help towards your eventual goal of love. There’s really nothing else to the gameplay, it’s buy, tilt and perform stunts to gain more coins and therefore better equipment.

What sets this game apart from other flight games is the graphical flair and humour in the storyline.  The cut scenes are great and the in game graphics are just the right side of cute while still retaining the Nordic feeling of the game.


Vikings Can Fly

Vikings Can Fly isn’t a long game by any means.  The hardest part is always the start, where you find yourself with next-to-no help at all.  Once you get hold of some good flying equipment the game gets easier and controlling Bjorn in the air requires much less thought.  You’ll want to see it to the end because of the story, but once there there’s nothing to make you want to go back and play it again. 

Like Bjorn, Vikings Can Fly aims for the heights of the App Store, while it doesn’t quite get there it’s still a great little game for 59p and the best flight game so far.

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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 7
  • Longevity: 6



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