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iBlast Moki
by Brett Nolan on Sunday 11th Oct 2009

iBlast Moki is a fun colourful puzzler.

This review was written by Brett Nolan, a guest contributor who also writes iPhone game reviews at

The premise of iBlast Moki is simple; get all of your cute little mokis to the exit portal using one or more of the items provided. In reality, this will require some forethought and ingenuity. The items consist of some combination of bombs, rope, wheels, screws, bars and balloons. It is your job to MacGyver something together using just the items at hand and your knowledge of gravity and physics to save the mokis. There are over 70 levels (including multiple "boss" levels) spread across six different worlds, each with its own unique style, terrain and obstacles. At the end of each level you are awarded points and a bronze, silver, or gold ranking, but you do have the opportunity to retry previous levels at any time to improve your scores. This is important if you want to claim your spot amongst the upper echelon of iBlast Moki players from around the globe on the Plus+ enabled leaderboards.

We were instantly impressed and captivated by the gameplay, and are certain that you, faithful readers, will be too.  It is evident that the developers put a great deal of effort and time into designing a unique visual style for the game, the bold cartoon graphics are simply stunning. The physics of the game are also very well executed, with all items reacting naturally and as expected. 

Godzilab has integrated iBlast Moki with ngmoco's aforementioned Plus+ social networking platform, providing access to global leaderboards, awards and game points. Finally, so you will never run out of content to play, a full-featured level editor tool is also included with the game. This tool also allows you to share your created levels with the rest of the iBlast Moki community as well as rate/play any other user-generated content.

As an added bonus, once you have completed your first pass through the entire game, you will unlock "blast mode" or what we have dubbed "hacky sack" mode. In this mode, your finger becomes the explosive device. By holding down your finger you start building up a charge, pick up your finger and an explosion will spread forth from where you were touching. Hold down longer for a bigger stronger blast and use sequential blasts to propel your moki(s) to the exit.
Having played both the pre-release version as well as this official release, we've had iBlast Moki for quite some time now and it continues to be a joy to play. At a price-point of just $1.99, we have no doubt that iBlast Moki will stick around in the App Store charts for sometime. iBlast Moki combines aspects of Rolando, Billiards, Litte Big Planet and Crazy Machines to form its own unique, engaging and fun experience and we would urge you not to miss out on it.

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  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Longevity: 9



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