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A.D.D. - Addictive Dumb Distractions
by Chris Thomas on Thursday 26th Nov 2009

Sadly the total lack of animation in A.D.D. comes off as lazy.

The approval process has not been kind to IUGO’s micro-game collection. Indeed the game went through the process multiple times and took more than 6 months before finally clawing its way onto the App Store’s already crammed virtual shelves. Sadly this ordeal has clearly taken its toll and what we’re left with is a rather tame and truncated collection of mini-games that get repetitive and tedious all too quickly.

On paper it sounds outstanding: a collection of 5 second micro-games much in the same vein as Nintendo’s hugely popular WarioWare Inc. titles but with an adult flavoured twist. For example instead of helping to balance a unicyclist or threading a needle you’ll be helping an adulterer hide from his lover’s spouse or picking horrible bogeys from nostrils.

The first and biggest problem with A.D.D. you can actually ascertain from the App Store’s description of the game and that is the longevity, or lack thereof. Only 70 micro-games are included. It may sound like a lot but simple maths tells us that if they are roughly 5 seconds each then this equates to just under 6 minutes of unrepeated gameplay. But repeat it does and it really does not take long to grow tired of what’s on offer. I would posit I spent no longer than 35 minutes with A.D.D. before I had seen and successfully completed everything. Now Nintendo’s WarioWare.Inc had 200 micro-games which isn’t exactly a huge number, but somehow the extra numbers really helped mask this feeling of repetition and disappointment. I can’t help but wonder if the low final game count is the result of Apple culling a bunch of the more risqué micro-games during one of it’s many times through the approval process.

If A.D.D. does something right it’s the art style. Throughout the entire experience the game is very well presented and the comedic/purile nature of the games is expressed through the cartoony visuals. The whole thing looks like it was pulled from an old episode of Ren & Stimpy. Unlike an episode of Ren & Stimpy nearly everything is a static object, there is almost zero animation to these otherwise great looking micro-games, and if there is it’ll be one or two frames max. At first you might not even notice, but after 20 or 30 of them you’ll realise what it was you couldn’t put your finger on: You’re basically tapping, swiping and tilting a drawing.

All is not lost. The structure and design of the game means there is almost unlimited scope for expansion and improvements via updates and paid-for DLC. The micro-games are broken up into groups and labelled as being different channels on a TV, as such it will be easy for IUGO to add new “channels” and massively boost the replay ability of A.D.D. I very much hope they do choose to support the game. With 200+ micro-games like WarioWare this game will become much easier to recommend. As it stands however I find myself undeniably disappointed with this release. The adult humour feels like it’s been scaled back, there is almost no long term appeal in it’s current state and the lack of animation will irk you once you notice it. A valiant effort but sadly on this occasion it hasn’t been worth the wait.

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  • Sound: 7
  • Graphics: 6
  • Gameplay: 6
  • Longevity: 4



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