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Nightmares of the Deep 3: Davy Jones

by Paul Byron on 17th Oct 2014

Face Davy Jones in G5's new adventure

Race the sky

Red Bull Air Race

by Paul Byron on 15th Oct 2014

Red Bull literally gives you wings as you race through the skies

Aliens bringing freemium doom

Alien Creeps TD

by Paul Byron on 19th Sep 2014

Freemium grinding in another top class Tower Defence game

Going Bananas

Super Monkey Ball Bounce

by Paul Byron on 8th Sep 2014

Sega's monkeys bounce in to action in this peggle-like pinball game

Towers vs Aliens

Sentinel 4: Dark Star

by Paul Byron on 14th Aug 2014

The aliens are back in the latest game in Origin 8's classic Tower Defence series

Back in black(out)

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

by Paul Byron on 28th Jul 2014

It's all-out war again as Gameloft takes us back to the battlefield

Big trouble in little Lego

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes:Universe In Peril

by Paul Byron on 7th Jul 2014

Building the Marvel universe brick by brick on iOS

Cursed I tell ye!

The Cursed Ship

by Paul Byron on 18th Jun 2014

This time G5's adventures take on a nautical tone

Only if you're on the web

Amazing Spider-man 2

by Paul Byron on 8th May 2014

More web swinging courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood Gameloft



by Paul Byron on 6th May 2014

In a world where a small square faces a polygon goliath

Mina needs to get out in the sunlight more

Tales from the Dragon Mountain: the Lair

by Paul Byron on 25th Apr 2014

G5 spin another adventure full of monsters and magic

Get in the groove

Red Bull Racers

by Paul Byron on 31st Mar 2014

Red Bull go all Scalextric on Formula 1 with their latest racer

The first cut...

Surgeon Simulator

by Paul Byron on 18th Mar 2014

Surgery has never been so messy with this less-than-serious sim

Back to the front

Front Wars

by Paul Byron on 13th Feb 2014

Advancing the turn-based strategy game the Nintendo way

Would you trust this guy with your money?

Dungeon Keeper

by Paul Byron on 11th Feb 2014

A classic game twisted in to something evil by a pay-to-play system