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Re-volt Classic comes to Google Play for free
by Paul Byron on Thursday 23rd May 2013

Mobile cars go mobile

Google Play finally gets the port of the classic RC racing game Re-volt todayas WeGo Interactive launch the game for free on Android.

Re-Volt first appeared on Dreamcast, PS1 and N64 back in the day and was praised for the fast paced RC racing gameplay and graphics.  

This new port, available free on Google Play today, allows you to relive the tiny racing action of the original on your mobile with a huge number of courses and cars to choose from.

Each of the 14 track has a global ranking system and each player can compete against other players world-wide for the best records. WeGo have announced that the ranking system is to be updated by every week with a competitive element.

You can grab Re-volt Classic right now for free on Google Play.

Re-volt Classic

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