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Madfinger announce Dead Trigger 2 for Q2 2013
by Paul Byron on Monday 7th Jan 2013

Dead again.

Dead Trigger was certainly one of the most trigger happy titles of 2012, placing you in an alternate universe where the world had gone to hell with the undead ambling around every street corner.

Based on the success of the first game, Madfinger have announced that a sequel, Dead Trigger 2, is in the works and should be launched Q2 of 2013.

The first images of the game were revealled at the recent Nvidia CES 2013 press conference as a demonstration of their new mobile chipset for Android platforms, showing just what it could do.  The game will be available on both Android and iOS platforms, though, through Google Play and the App Store.

As you can see from the image below, there's good reason to be excited about this sequel.

Dead Trigger 2

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