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Galaxy On Fire 2 HD goes free for the first time on iOS
by Paul Byron on Thursday 7th Feb 2013

Free Space

Galaxy On Fire 2 HD is a pretty damn impressive space combat trading game that spans a huge area and provides a great little story along the way.  And now for a short time the game is going free on the App Store for those who still haven't sampled its delights.

If you have an iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or above then this is a great game to show off the power of the device.  While the SD version (also free at the moment) looks impressive on earlier devices, the HD version makes use of the newer A5 and A6 processors to create something that looks visually stunning.

Whether you pick up the SD or HD version of Galaxy On Fire 2, it's well worth grabbing hold of them while the offer lasts.

You can pick up Galaxy On Fire 2 HD here and Galaxy On Fire 2 SD here.

Galaxy On Fire 2 HD

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