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Chillingo Thursday: Be Together and The Act Arcade
by Paul Byron on Thursday 7th Feb 2013

Romance and friendship in this week's update

It's Thursday, so that must mean another batch of Chillingo games are hitting the App Store.  We check out the latest titles.

Be Together - 69p/99c
Be Together
Another cute physics puzzle game to add to Chillingo's growing catalogue, but certainly no less welcome than their already strong line-up, Be Together gives you plenty to play around with.

Take an increasing cast of colourful characters and put them to work with their different skills in order to bring them together over 60 levels.  Props, special abilities and, of course, gravity can all work in your favour.

The Act: Arcade - Free
The Act: Arcade
Chillingo are calling this a 'taster' for the full version of last year's The Act.

We loved the full game when we reviewed it last year and it's great that more iOS gamers can finally get a chance to check out this great little animated adventure.  Think Dragon's Lair or Space Ace, but mixed with a far more interactive swiping mechanic and you'll get the idea.

You can even unlock the full game from within this version as an in-app purchase.

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