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Hutch Games release Smash Cops Heat, the new Freemium Smash Cops game, on iOS
by Paul Byron on Thursday 6th Dec 2012

In Heat.

Hutch Games have released a freemium version of Smash Cops on to the App Store today.

Smash Cops Heat is more than just the same game with a different pricing model, though.  This is more like a director's cut with new levels, missions and power-ups (and probably more pile-ups in the process).

Smash Cops arrived at the beginning of the year with a unique TV news style replay and you can read our review right here.  The new version promises more action for less cost, but we've been putting it through its paces on the site to let you know whether this is a freemium game that's worth investing in and the answer is; yes.  

If you haven't already played Smash Cops, now is a perfect time to grab this free version and try it out.

Smash Cops Heat is available now from the App Store.

Smash Cops Heat



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