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Chillingo's Thursday App Store update
by Paul Byron on Thursday 6th Dec 2012

Monkeys and Mazes

Chillingo's Thursday App Store line-ups are always well worth checking out.  This week is no exception with 2 very different games.

Nitro Chimp - 69p/99c

Nitro Chimp

C2 Estudio and Chillingo aren't monkeying around with their latest take on a mix of Trials HD style gameplay and endless runner in Nitro Chimp.

As with other runners like Jetpack Joyride, the game constantly provides new tasks to perform, but you'll also need to have fast reactions in order to avoid obstacles, gather coins and do tricks.

Grab Nitro Chimp from the App Store here.


Man In A Maze - 69p/99c

Man in a Maze

Small Green Hill have created a good old fashioned maze game that reminds me of some of the great little titles I used to play on 8-bit computers, but with a more modern Running Man style twist.

Try to find a way out of the maze in this game show without losing your life in the process.  Power-ups and some interesting enemies make Man in a Maze a pretty original take on a classic idea.

You can check out Man in a Maze on the App Store here.

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