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Beeline's Smurf Life comes to the App Store
by Paul Byron on Thursday 6th Dec 2012

More Smurfing fun.

Beeline's Smurf's Village, the freemium village building game, has plenty of fans and now Beeline are set to revist the little blue creatures with their new title, Smurf Life.

The game is now available on the App Store for free and features a similar In App Payment system as Beeline's other games, letting you choose to either play through slowly or speed up time with Smurfberries.

This time you take on the role of a single Smurf, helping Papa Smurf to save the village from the evil Gargamel and his plots to capture all the Smurfs. By becoming an apprentice you can learn how to make the thick fog over the village disappear, complete quests by collecting items to build huts, save animals and even rescue other Smurfs that are trapped in their houses.


You can grab Smurf Life from the App Store now for free.

Smurf Life



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