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Final Fantasy Creator Working on New Project for iPhone
by Jamin Smith on Sunday 3rd Jan 2010

If anybody is capable of creating a successful RPG on the iPhone, this man is.

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the man behind the majority of the Final Fantasy series and other games such as Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey from his own studio Mistwalker, has revealed he is working on a new project for the iPhone. In his blog, Sakaguchi wishes readers a happy 2010, whilst also taking the opportunity to sneak in a few brief words about his latest projects. 

"I'm putting my heart and soul into this production. I'm taking a full swing and making this the best project. Oh, by the way, We are also working on a project for iPhone. This should be released soon as well."

Other than the fact Mistwalker are working on an iPhone title, there's very little else we know about the game, hell, we don't even know for sure if it's going to be an RPG. Given Sakaguchi's track record with the genre however, it would be a very safe bet to make. The game could very well be an addition to the Blue Dragon series, which would seem logical considering the games appearance on the DS.

Whatever Sakaguchi and Mistwalker are working on, the fact that one of the world's most experienced and renowned RPG developers is at work on an iPhone game means that there's every reason to be excited. We'll bring you more when there's more to bring.

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