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Duke Nukem 3D Is Out And Cheap For 24 Hours
by Chris Thomas on Tuesday 11th Aug 2009

First it was Tower Defence, then Time Management and now its the turn of the FPS.

Annnnnnnnnnd Duke just hit the App Store. Usually we wouldn't suggest you rush off and download something without our reviewers giving it the once over but this might be an exception. You see the cunning folks over at id have released it at a "one day special price" of only $2.99 or £1.79 if you live in the UK.

Initial feedback on the title is largely positive although we're hearing some negative comments on the games control scheme, fortunately an update is already in the works that is said to address these concerns.

Our advice: If you loved the Duke back in the day then snap this up while it's cheap then wait for the updates to fix your concerns. If you're on the fence feel free to wait, we'll be publishing a full review very soon.

Game Description (with cheeky press quotes from the original PC release and not the iPhone version!)


With dozens of Game of the Year awards under his belt, Duke remains the King of Action. Larger than life action is what Duke is all about, mixed with humor and innovative explosive action in this 20+ hour game.

Los Angeles. Under attack by aliens intent on stealing our chicks for breeding. Duke Nukem springs into action dealing damage like only he can, making his "insightful" comments along the way. If you've never played a Duke game, this is your chance to see why he's been a fan favorite since 1991, with over 18 original Duke Nukem games since that time. Duke Nukem is not the typical faceless hero -- he's an in-your-face hero who has a personality that doesn't quit. Yes, it's a B-movie plot, but that's what makes it fun!


This high-powered iPhone 3D engine supports TapShoot(tm), a unique way to play first-person shooters on the iPhone and iTouch, taking full advantage of the unique touch screen interface to easily and quickly aim and shoot enemies, without the frustration of trying to line up your weapon perfectly. Once you've experienced TapShoot, you'll wish all FPS games on the iPhone had this breakthrough feature.


Yes, we have the thumb-stick style controller, but we've also pioneered another way to guide Duke through levels, using slider-style controls.
Practically everyone who's playtested the game thinks this new method is superior. And this along with the TapShoot feature makes Duke Nukem 3D a blast to play on the iPhone.


Metacritic Player Rating: 9.4 of 10.

"It's the ultimate game for unleashing all your pent-up aggression. It is the most astonishing game we've laid our eyes on for ages! In fact, it makes pretty much every PC game we've ever seen - "Doom" included - like slightly dull. Honestly!" -- PC Gamer

"It's more inventive, and more entertaining, than "Doom." I know they've had long enough to get it right (but so have many others, who've tried and failed)." -- Computer and Video Games

"It's rare when a game comes along that really kicks your a*s. With its free-flowing 3D action, over-the-top weapons, and ruthlessly attitudinal protagonist, Duke Nukem will have PC gamers worldwide rubbing their rumps with spine-tingling glee." -- Gamespot

"I couldn't stop laughing while playing this extremely enjoyable trip through what unfolds like a 1950's science fiction B-movie: Space Aliens Invade Earth for Women!...Duke Nukem has what most first-person shooters don't - character!" -- PC Gameworld

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