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Galaga Remix Finds A New Home On The iPhone
by Chris Thomas on Thursday 2nd Apr 2009

Retro gaming fans should be happy by Namco's commitment to the App Store.

Namco are to release an iPhone version of Galaga Remix that they hope will be available for download from the App Store "tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday" of this week. The game will include two flavours of Galaga, a classic mode that features the original untouched Galaga that retro gamers have been enjoying since its original 1981 release, and a more modern take on the game that plays in landscape mode and is more feature rich. Among the additions are boss battles (as seen in the video below), 9 power ups, 36 levels and changing backgrounds to keep the visuals fresh.

Both variants will feature three control methods so you're bound to find one of them agreeable, left and right virtual buttons, a sliding touch option (finger below the ship) or accelerometer based movement. Galaga Remix is due to release with a price of $5.99.



Source: Touch Arcade

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