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GT Racing Motor Academy Red Bull Trailer
by Paul Byron on Monday 3rd Dec 2012

Go Go Go!

GT Racing Academy is one of those surprising games that has adapted and improved over time where others are happy just to replace their racing games with sequels.

The latest update is a partnership with Red Bull where new cars the F1 RB8 (triple F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel’s 2012 car), the Camaro SS Red Bull edition, and the Hyundai Genesis Coupe Red Bull edition will be made available alongside over 100 others already in the game.

The update also brings social competition features that will allow players to join an international contest that can be accessed directly through the new update. Players around the world will be able to compete against each other in ruthless races for the best time and the ultimate prize: 2 VIP tickets to a F1 Grand Prix


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