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Editorial Manifesto

At the single most important thing for us is that you, the readers, can put stock in what we write and base purchase decisions on the commentary we make. To that end our entire site and readership is built around the fundamental governing rule of putting editorial and journalistic integrity before business. We firmly believe that if you look after your readers, your readers will look after you.

To that end we felt it important to publish this bulleted list that breaks down our principles and operation. Consider this our editorial manifesto.

  • Our editorial will never be influenced by paid for advertising. Ever. This extends not just to reviews but which games get reviewed and how much exposure they receive.
  • does not accept payment in exchange for express reviews.
  • Advertising on will never be sold on a cost per acquisition basis. In other words we will never sell advertising on commission. We strongly believe that this goes against the independent nature of editorial.
  • All reviews published on will be as thorough, informative and accurate as possible.
  • All reviews will be treated the same whether the game/app was attained via promo codes or purchased.
  • Competitions and promotions will not affect editorial.
  • Any factual errors found on will be corrected as rapidly as possible with an editors note to highlight the mistake.
  • Discussions and comments on will not be moderated or censored in anyway except to remove abusive or otherwise anti-social comments. Discussion and debate is actively encouraged.
  • All copy published on is produced by our editors and is all our own work.