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Jon Burgerman Bringing Inkstruments To The iPhone

by Natasha Hendry on 17th Apr 2009

One of the best things about working with AppGamer is that I get let into the loop about exciting new Apps before certain other minions (AKA my friends.) One such App is a collaboration between one of my favourite artists, Jon Burgerman and ustwo, a creative design studio- ‘the studio of dreams’ who specialise in pioneering graphical user interfaces, also the lovely people who brought us kooky Apps Steppin and Mouth off.

Burgerman is a self described ‘doodler’ and if you’re not familiar and enthusiastic about his work you should be! His distinctive style works well on all formats from envelope’s to toys, skateboard’s to walls, he has created mini flash games and has simultaneously made beautiful pieces on canvas.

An App for the iPhone is a natural progression and a great medium for Burgerman who does some of his work using Illustrator and Photoshop, and will, I’m sure, bring something much needed to some of the faff available in the iTunes store; uniqueness and individuality.

Phew! Anyway, without much further ado here’s what ustwo have to say about Inkstruments...
A world of Jon Burgerman illustrated characters take to the stage, among them is a green cone headed chap, one who looks a bit like a fab ice lolly, a naughty little girl, and a tiny, happy chick. This motley crew and their chums are the line up in the fabulous, but slightly bonkers, Inkstruments™ chorus, and they are ready and waiting to make sweet music with you!

This crazy game, coming soon for iPhone and iPod touch, lets you create music by touching the characters, who each play a sound from a selection of weird and wonderful samples and noises. You can create different tunes by creating a character sequence and by touching them like a synthesizer keyboard - the possibilities are endless!

You’ve probably gathered that I’m excited! The Artwork certainly looks aces and the idea sounds like fun times all round; what’s not to love? Naturally I shall keep you informed of any developments I may or may not hear about but for now I suggest you familiarize yourself with Burgerman and ustwo and wait patiently in anticipation!



My guilty conscience...

by Natasha Hendry on 17th Apr 2009

   suggests that I start my first official blog entry (Ta dahh!) by reassuring you, mildly interested reader, that I, App enthusiast and fully committed blogger, shall not be making a habit of writing for AppGamer every ten days…You know how it is, life and junk tend to get in the way of more interesting projects.

ANYWAY, a stint away means I have lots to write about, including an exclusive from the lovelies at ustwo on their collaboration with Jon Burgerman. I’ll also let you know what I think of the ‘first complete graphic novel on the iPhone platform’ from Pastelgames; here’s a spoiler- It’s ace! So check back later… I’m going to find some tea/ beer and get typing.


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Greetings and salutations!

by Natasha Hendry on 7th Apr 2009

Greetings and salutations lovely AppGamers in Interweb land!

Welcome to my Shiny new blog! I’m super excited to be involved with AppGamer so be sure to check back for some insightful and hopefully entertaining posts on all things Apple and iPhone.